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More drama with my crazy aunt

So remember my crazy aunt? Well, the drama never seems to end with this one.

My mom came to visit and spent the first part of dinner ranting about my aunt. My grandma, with dementia and other health problems that require her to have an aide 24/7. The grandma she was so desperate to have attend her wedding? Well she and her new husband recently went to "visit" my grandma, and by visit, I mean, leave the house before my grandma woke up, get back after she went to bed, and basically only go to pick up a check from my grandpa. The check allegedly had "a lot of zeroes" (one of my grandma's aides acts as our mole). Let's not forget my grandparents paid for my 50-something year old aunt's elaborate wedding when she is an adult with a very well paying corporate gig. She also went to visit and have my grandpa pay for a new mattress for her and her new husband. I BOUGHT MY OWN MATTRESS WHEN I GOT MARRIED WHEN I WAS TWENTY FUCKING FOUR AND HAD A SHIT JOB. YOU ARE A GROWN ASS EMPLOYED WOMAN. BUY YOUR OWN FUCKING MATTRESS.


(Side note: Apparently the newlyweds were also making out all over the house and my 50-something aunt wore tiny hot pants that were so short, her pubes were showing and her new husband wouldn't shut up about how beautiful she looked. VOMIT.)

Anyway, so my grandpa is dishing out all this money to my awful aunt and MEANWHILE tells my mom that he isn't doing great financially because my sick grandma with her 24/7 aides? That shit ain't cheap. Why does my grandpa keep giving her thousands of dollars? I DON'T FUCKING KNOW, BUT SHE IS FUCKING AWFUL.

Another source of drama is her new husband, who has no job and seems to just be freeloading off my aunt. He didn't propose with a ring. Originally we thought the diamond was from something my grandparents gave her a few years ago. Nope. My aunt took ANOTHER one of my grandma's diamonds and got it in a FUCKING PLATINUM SETTING. Oh, and they are also renovating her kitchen for some reason. SHE CLEARLY HAS PLENTY OF MONEY.


Anyway, the main problem is that my mom was complaining that my aunt was coming into her city (with the new husband) for business and wanted to have dinner (Side note: Apparently my aunt never picks up the tab. Not when she visits my parents, not when my parents visit her. The only time she ever did pay for dinner, my mom was shocked...until my aunt mentioned she had my grandpa's credit card on her). My mother did not seem excited about having dinner with her sister. The thing is....

Next month is my mom's 60th birthday and my dad has been planning a surprise party. He invited my aunt and her husband several weeks ago. He never heard back, even after letting her know he needed to know by a certain date. That date came and went so we thought we were in the clear. But no, of course not. She lets my dad know that she is actually coming, which caused problems with the venue (which usually doesn't take reservations, but was making an exception). Back when he asked if he should even invite my aunt, I said yes, because I'm pretty sure not inviting her would just cause different drama. Now, hearing how my mom is dreading having dinner with her, I feel bad we invited her to the birthday party. I'm pretty sure being surprised by my aunt and uncle will not be a very good surprise, but hopefully all the other people there will make up for it. I'm starting to think we shouldn't have even invited her, but now it's way too late.


On the upside (err...not really), I'm sure I'll have some entertaining stories after my mother's party next month.

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