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More family bitching (tw: cancer, terrible people)

I need to take a social media break because I have been telling family members to fuck off left and right.

An anti-Dad relative (long story) commented “Payback is a BITCH” in response to another relative Facebook-sharing my dad’s GoFundMe account regarding my dad’s cancer (I have the anti-Dad relative blocked because she is famously terrible, so another shit-stirring relative told me what she said.) I took the bait and went off on everyone who is still friendly with her.

Another cousin “confronted” me about calling my dad a Vietnam Vet because he was in the Navy. The Navy doesn’t count, in her opinion.


Burnt most of my family-bridges.

I should make friends or something. (JK, everyone I like ends up moving to Oakland shortly before moving back to wherever they’re from because San Francisco is in a new Gilded Age.)

Whatever. I like approx. 5 people in my family and one of them is dying shortly.

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