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More family venting.

So, a few weeks ago I found that my mom and sister have turned on me.

We’ve extended some tentative olive branches, and I even accepted my sister’s Facebook friend request.


Then I saw this bullshit, posted yesterday:

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This is the sister who refused to let my dad see my nieces on his last Christmas, after he kicked out her husband for using meth in their house. Yes, her 30 year-old husband lived with her parents without working and paying rent and she called my dad “heartless” for kicking him out.

I literally postponed student teaching for six months to go and take care of my dad when he was dying, and their narrative is that I never cared for our family.


I have to vent here, otherwise I am going to start petty drama on Facebook. For some reason, I am angrier than I have been for a very long time.

How can a stupid meme make me so angry? It’s not the only one of its kind, she’s been milking the situation. Give me some coping mechanisms, because I am literally shaking right now.

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