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More "Game of Thrones" thoughts...but not about, uh, last night.

So I was just doing the math re: GRRM and the timing of books vs. GoT seasons. And...are we all pretty much assuming that the show will conclude before the final book? Because while we could be on track to get the sixth book in time (should be, based on what GRRM has said?), I just cannot imagine that it would be possible for him to finish the seventh book in time. He said, last fall, that he had 400-500 pages, right? And he's anticipating that's about a third of the book? I can't imagine that the sixth book will be out before 2015 (and that seems generous!), and the latest I think the show could end would be 2018. So...is he really going to be able to write the conclusion to his magnum opus that quickly?

I just don't even see a possibility of the show ending at the same time the books do...but maybe he's got something up his sleeve, since HBO got on board (then again, he did tell them the end).


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