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More Gorsuch hearings & more words - do not normalize this man.

Eisen posted earlier about Gorsuch’s hearing with Feinstein.

I’ve just watched the one with Franken, and I am in absolute agreement with Eisen. Gorsuch is a snake. He is a master manipulator. He lost it a little with with Feinstein and kind of sniped at her, and I do believe that’s cause she’s a woman.


Well, he must’ve taken a phone call after that or something that calmed him down.

So here’s what Franken spent his time going over...

Nevertheless, what is satisfying and noteworthy about this specific exchange is that Franken—in his typical method of conceding his own limitations—turns this case into a story that reveals the “absurdity” of Gorsuch’s reasoning.

He starts by telling the story of Alphonse Maddin, a trucker who realized that his trailer’s brakes were frozen. He calls in for repairs but is told to wait. In the meantime, while waiting in extreme temperatures, he starts to experience what he thinks are signs of hypothermia. As Franken says, “If you fall asleep waiting in 14 below zero weather you can freeze to death. You can die.”

If Maddin had kept the trailer with frozen brakes attached, he would have been able to drive at 10 or 15 miles per hour on the highway. Franken asks Gorsuch whether he would have personally felt safe on the road with Maddin driving that truck. Gorsuch sputters before finally admitting he would not.

After waiting hours, Maddin unhitched and abandoned his trailer temporarily so he could get warm. He returned just 15 minutes later. Franken asks Gorsuch what he would have done in such a situation.

“Oh senator,” Gorsuch replies. “I don’t know what I would have done if I were in his shoes, and I don’t blame him at all for a moment for doing what he did do. I empathize with him entirely.”

Still, Maddin was fired for his actions. And Gorsuch was the only judge to uphold the company’s decision to fire him.


In essence, Gorsuch supported a company that would have preferred their worker DIE rather than leave the cab/products behind.

Now here’s my take - watch the video in that link. Starting at the video... Gorsuch is laughing, he’s laid-back. This fucker knows he is getting the seat no matter what. He doesn’t care at all about those Dems. They’re peons to him. Just like all other American citizens will be.


Watch as Franken starts the story...suddenly Gorsuch’s entire demeanor changes. He knows full well he ruled against that trucker, but there he sits pretending to give a fuck.

I wanted to reach through my screen when he said “Oh senator...I don’t know what I would have done.”



You guys, I am losing it over this. People won’t see past Gorsuch’s pretending. If any Dem votes for him, that needs to be the end for them.


The fact that Obama’s pick didn’t go through is an actual travesty. The Republican party is nothing but evil-as-fuck corporate lapdogs.


And it’s mostly because I know...I just know if I showed this to someone less informed they’d be totally charmed by Gorsuch. DESPITE what he’s done. That man is evil incarnate, and no one will see it because Americans get stupid as fuck when a white man acts kindly.

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