From an unfashionable person who looks at most of the stuff and thinks:

I’m sad to see Samantha go even though I hated her stuff. I was all excited for the inevitable meltdown of Shawn after Claire gets the ax. I think the judges should have kicked Claire to the curb tonight. I’m suprised Claire hasn’t noticed she’s basically done the same thing every week? I think of the two Shawn may have better design ideas but since she needs a permanent nanny to bring her stuff to fruition I can’t see her going too much further. I’d be curious, in a masochistic way, to see PR do a season with designer teams (if they haven’t already) I guess we’ll find out next week if the 2 of them can actually work together well or if they’ll churn out the same old shit with maximum dramaz.

I know the twins are getting the evil edit but it seems like they spend lots of time shit-talking the others and then being shocked that they themselves aren’t winning. Shut up twinnies. (Look I’m a twin and sure maybe we have a special bond, blah blah blah. But you know what? We can function as separate entities. And could function as separate entities long before we reached the age of 27. They are 27 goddamned years old. Grow the fuck up and get lots of therapy you co-dependent nincompoops.).


Kentaro is growing on me.I think he’s worked through taking the project too literally and that makes him so much better,

I’m still liking Kenya and Ayana and wondering when Amy is going to bust out from the middle. I feel like she will either go to 4th place or flame out.

Not a big fan of Batani - her stuff feels more costume to me.

Michael I’m on the fence about. Sometimes he does amazing stuff and sometimes it’s very meh.


Brandon creeps me out. Like he gives me such a Charles Manson/scam cult leader vibe anytime he’s on screen my whole body recoils. Why do the models like him? Why do the judges, he’s not doing anything fresh that I can see? I totally loved Sam speculating that he’d have a whole new client base doing Star Wars cosplay looks. See twins, that is how to deliver a proper burn! Also, I knew his gf would be Asian because his whole faux Zen schtick requires it.

Margarita got lucky. All that outfit needed was rave candy and a hairdo with umpty zillion mini butterfly clips to be peak JNCO. And she was completely in sync with her client/model until she realized she was in the bottom, and then promptly tossed the poor model under the bus.