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Today is Patriot's Day and Marathon Day. The library opened at 1pm rather than its normal 9 am. My boss sent out an email reminding people of this and if people were going to be away to arrange coverage. One student responded to that email asking for someone to cover her. There was no response but often people just respond right to the person. It's now 4:40 and out of the 4 students scheduled to come in, none have shown up, called, or emailed. They just didn't fucking bother.

Like, what. the fuck.

And I said to my boss, "Hey, so we need to email them and tell them that this is not ok!" and she was like, "Yeah, I guess I'll email them. I mean, the time has already passed though." Yeah, she isn't going to email them.


ARGHHHH. Do you not understand that this type of behavior is only going to continue if you just let them get away with shit like this?

I would fucking let them have it. When I'm the boss, I don't fucking play. Grrrrrrr! Pleeeeease just let me reprimand.

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