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More inlaw issues

I have posted a lot on here about my inlaws. Well, shit hit the fan yesterday. First off, I have tonsilitis and spent 2 hours in the urget care yesterday. So I was kind of a cranky bitch because I was in a lot of pain. My MIL texted me at 2pm and I didn't text her back because I wasn't feeling good and I spent all afternoon on the phone with my insurance company while wrangling an almost 2 year old.

My husband comes home. 2 second later, my inlaws show up. Rang the door bell. It is chaos in my house. I am about to serve dinner. They eventually leave and my husband asks them to get in contact with one of us before they come over. They chose to come over at the worst part of the day. They haven't been over for two months.


My husband asks them not to pop in. And then, fed up with my MIL's bull shit, I text her this:

MIL, I deserve more respect then t be dropped in on. I did get your text but I had a thousand things going on and didn't have a change to get back to you. Just because I am home doesn't mean I am available. It has just been one of those days.


She replies back:

Etienne: 1. pretty sure you don't understand how respect is supposed to work. 2. You knew we needed the sander. 3. We waited till Tom was home before we dropped in, which we had been told would be okay (which is a lie) 4. Obviously, you want nothing to do with me. Your loss.


I really just want to stab her. She constantly tries to pit me and husband apart. My husband never said it was ok to drop by that day to pick up the sander. They didn't even know he was going to be home. I don't know how to reply to her. Btw, this is also the MIL who makes nasty remarks to me and monitors my eating.

How should I reply? This is stressing my husband out because his parents are pretty much assholes and he knows it.

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