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More Job Woes

So guys, I told you recently about my terrible commute + overly zealous manager who nitpicks everything after I’ve done it. I applied for the permanant version of my role because it’s nice to have a back up even if it’s a job you hate. I didn’t get shortlisted, I applied using the exact statement I used when I was shortlisted for the exact same job in January as part of the internal restructure (spoiler I was not appointable despite having interviewed under 6 weeks earlier and been appointable). Frankly this is the kind of thing that hurts your feelings but is good in the long run. My colleague who I do the same thing got a new role in the restructure 5 weeks ago but hasn’t been allowed to move yet and is starting to look externally to move. Our Apprentice has been here 6 weeks and is starting to give attitude back to manager as she keeps being told off and overly micromanaged for doing things exactly as she was asked to, or finding her own way of doing things. She’s 6 weeks into a apprenticeship, it’s a learning position, she should be bad 6 weeks in, but she’s not incapable, she just needs to learn not be told off every time something is slightly wrong.

TLDR: I didn’t get shortlisted for my own job and am bummed despite hating my job.


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