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More Judge Persky career highlights (updated/expanded)

Before he showed leniency to Stanford swimmer and rapist Brock Turner, Judge Aaron Persky made court rulings that appeared to favor a group of De Anza College baseball players accused of a gang rape, the victim’s lawyer said Thursday.

The controversial calls came during a 10-week civil trial back in 2011 that ended with a handful of private settlements and the jury letting two defendants off the hook, lawyer Barbara Spector told the Daily News.


“The scope of the judge’s discretion was very wide. Having said that, I felt overall the decisions he made favored the defendants more than the plaintiff,” Spector told The News.

In one such ruling, Persky allowed lawyers for the baseball players to show Facebook photos of the female plaintiff socializing in revealing clothing more than six months after the alleged sex assault.


^ that’s from the article at the 1st link; more here:


Meanwhile, jurors are rebelling in their own way, while VP Biden has written an open letter to the victim:



...and this from Teen Vogue:


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