Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys, question: does anyone have a food dehydrator? I've desperately wanted one since I was a kid and got roped into the Ronco infomercials (but wait! there's more!). I don't think I'd get a Ronco one (there are better ones) but he is my strawberry leather inspiration.

Anyway, I'm considering getting one to make delicious snacks whilst I'm on mat leave but also am quite cheap so I don't want to buy one if I won't use it. I know you can make them in the oven but apparently you need to rig up a fan to blow the moisture out of the oven and I don't even own a fan! Anyone have one? Do I need one?

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Update: thanks everyone! Will do some reading and will see what I can rig up. Might just cave and buy one but will try other solutions first. I knew the hive mind would have info!

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