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Remember when The Casual Vacancy came out and everybody pretended to read it and those smug jerks were all, "Ugh, JK, we get it — this isn't a kid's book and you can talk about pee pees and vajayjays now, but don't be so... icky about it, okay?"


The book was panned critically, it was a financial flop and everyone laughed at the sad multi-billionaire author for being a seven-trick pony.

Well who has the last laugh now?

From The Daily Beast:

It must have been fun while it lasted, but now J.K. Rowling is back to square one. In a new statement on her website, she comes clean as the perpetrator of one of the best literary hoaxes in recent memory: in April, in collusion with her English editor, she published a detective story titled The Cuckoo’s Calling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The novel was enthusiastically endorsed by such high-profile crime writers as Val McDermid, even though they had no idea who the real author was. It also got excellent reviews. Then last weekend the Sunday Timesbroke the story of her authorship, and Rowling quickly fessed up.


But let's be real: this was totally a PR stunt.

Either way — suck it, Rowling haters. The Queen is supreme once more.

Side note: I've had melatonin and this may not make sense.

JK! JK! JK! (said to the tune 0f U-S-A with one syllable missing)

Second side note: I totally didn't read The Casual Vacancy either.

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