I've already posted a picture of Mignon the cat, and I promised more, so here I go again.here is Mignon in it's natural territory.I'm getting close to becoming like a cat mother despite Mignon being a stray.Due to lax rules on rabies vaccinations, I am hesitant to try and pet Mignon, but it runs away from people most of the time anyway. Boy is Mignon fun to look at, though! It's never in one place for too long, and has a real playful side with the bugs it finds.
One time while the housekeepers were laying out to dry( note to self:I'd like to discuss that later), Mignon was found in the laundry and had to be shooed away.They hit it with a shoe so hard I could hear the shoe hit the ground from the other room my mother and I were watching a movie in. I went outside after watching the movie to see if Mignon was okay. It seemed alright, thankfully.I wonder if Mignon suns itself in the laundry often, and this was the first time it was caught.
I swear that I won't go on and on about this cat, but you know how it is when you have something cute and entertaining in your life.