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More Neighbor News

The last post on my shitty neighbors is here:


OK, so. The yard did indeed get cleaned up (well, the poop did - there’s still garbage and cigarette butts and crap). The Little Daleks were really glad they got to play outside for once. It lasted about a half day to a day before somebody left dog shit out there again. And the neighbors have returned to playing loud music regularly (and at all times of day).

BUT...the good news is that the property managers tell me that they are looking to get them evicted. They just need to make sure they dot all the tenancy act i’s and cross all their legal t’s.


My partner said he noticed a very strong air freshener-like smell wafting up from their place (maybe to hide that they’ve been smoking inside the unit which is not allowed). And I noticed they’ve been vacuuming (which I’m not sure I’ve ever heard them do before). So we’re guessing they’re either

  • Getting ready for an inspection of some sort.
  • Trying to avoid eviction or...
  • Trying to make sure they’ll get their damage deposit back because they’ve already been given an eviction notice.

At any rate, at this point, it seems to be a waiting game for us; wait to see just when they get the boot then wait to see what kind of people move in afterward.

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