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Welcome To The Bitchery

I can’t quit this trainwreck. Check out the professionalism in the face of criticism. Criticism, by the way, for their app not their actual selves—that’s what their app would provide. Oh, the irony.

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ETA I want to also add that as a person who oversees some social media stuff for money, these founders are so social media inept it is just nuts. Like, they appear to think that because they’ve turned off @replies on their Twitter stream that no one can see this shit. They’re reacting to people like screenshots don’t exist. They’ve pulled accounts up and down, deleted massive troves of comments off Facebook (again: screenshots), removed and replaced Youtube videos... it is just so, so bad. And painfully transparent to anyone with more social media awareness than them, which are the majority of their detractors.

How could the founders of a social media app not look at other existing social media apps first?! Hubris.

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