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OK. First things first. I know I’ve vanished for a bit. My mom was in the ICU and I took the first flight home. She’s home and stable now but receiving home hospice care and I really don’t know what I’m supposed to expect. I’m staying here as long as I possibly can (which will be until the end of July after the Daleks get back from their summer visitation with their dad). I don’t really know how I’m feeling about all that because I’m doing the oh-so-healthy bury-the-feelings method of coping. And I haven’t wanted to talk about it on here or on social media too much because I just don’t want to deal with other people’s feelings about it. I just, she’s 54. This isn’t fucking fair.

Anyhow...so, I first mentioned my awful neighbors way back in March. Then again in April and once more in mid-April.

Well, I got a call today from one of the property managers and he informed me that these assholes have been stealing electricity from us. They’ve had an extension cord running from OUR outdoor plug (that’s supposed to be for a block heater...but I’m an irresponsible car owner and never use mine) into their apartment.


I don’t even know how long or how much power they’ve stolen. I went through all my power bills since moving in. And I’ve asked the property manager if he can tell me when they moved in because I did notice that at a certain point last year my average kWh per month suddenly went up and I have no explanation for why that would be.

I’m super pissed.

I live below the low-income threshold. I am poor. I cannot afford to pay somebody else’s power bills when I struggle to pay my own. I am just SO PISSED.

And like, maybe, if I had the time and if I wasn’t sick and had the energy and if I wasn’t out of the country, and if I could prove when they started stealing and how much then I could take them to small claims court. But that’s way more ifs than I can handle.

The only good news is that the landlords are telling me they are DEFINITELY getting evicted. I feel bad for them (the landlords). I do not want to know what mess they’re going to discover in that unit. I mean, they recently busted a window, and just left broken glass sitting in the yard. And I once saw that somebody had drawn all over an interior door with like a sharpie or something. These assholes obviously don’t fucking care about taking care of the property. And my partner suspects they may have a grow-op down there. Apparently, grow-ops like to filch electricity from other people so there isn’t a sudden uptick in power connected to their residence that would give away the fact that they’re suddenly running a bunch of grow lights and shit? I don’t know.


I don’t care.

I just want them gone. Like, yesterday.

I have more than enough SHIT to handle between my awful divorce, my financial situation, my mom’s health, and MY health* without also having to deal with these shitheads and their monster dog one minute more. Good fucking riddance.


*I had to cancel/reschedule a bunch of appointments when I left the country to get to my mom (the day I flew there were legit concerns I wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time). And my specialist is booked up through March of 2018. So when I get back I’m just getting put on a waiting list for cancellations. I really want to see him to not only hear directly from him that I was right about POTS but I also need to get the ball rolling into investigating a genetic disorder that I now suspect caused my POTS. I’m probably going to have to get him to refer me to a geneticist to rule out the more serious types of this disorder (I’m almost 100% certain I have the most common and least dangerous type so, small mercies I guess?). Basically, my life is all sorts of fun right now.

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