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More adventures in middle-aged dating world.

Previously I complained about men calling me sugar, honey, baby, sexy. Today, it's men who are unable to think for themselves. And they cannot hold a conversation.

It is not that hard. Read the profile. Ask some questions based off that profile, say something about yourself. If it seems you have something in common, ask the girl out for pool or coffee or whatever.


The few guys who don't get blocked or deleted, are just so frigging boring. And it seems like they want to live in chatland forever. If I say - hey let's get coffee, they're all - well you find the place and plan it.

I loved a man once. I loved him very much. But I ended the relationship because he could not figure out anything on his own. Bills, car upkeep, figuring out how to get from A to B. I don't want to be someone's mom. I want to date a guy who can figure out how to Google where to play pool in Kansas and figure it out.

Are men just super lazy and stupid now? This is why I'm bad at dating. I think I just don't have any respect for men anymore.


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