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More paternity leave = dads who do more child care, housework

An interesting study profiled in the Toronto Star shows that fathers who are given a dad's only paid leave tend to become more involved in both child care and housework, resulting in a reduction in both on the part of their wives/partners.


The study was based on a program in Quebec which gave dads a 5 week paid paternity leave, and they found that even that short period of time resulted in the fathers permanently taking a larger role in not just child care, but general housework as well, which resulted in an increase in outside work on the part of their wives. So. a generally more equitable division of labour both inside and outside the home.

Longer term, I wonder if this may result in lower divorce rates for these couples, or at the very least, fewer deadbeat dads if the marriage does break up; the fathers are very closely bonded with the children, and perhaps less likely to just disappear out of their lives.

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