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In news that should surprise no one, apparently you have a higher chance of dying from a gun-related incident than a car wreck if you live in Missouri.

Now now, I know what you may be thinking... perhaps we are a state inhabited by incredibly safe drivers. NOPE. Our rate of deaths by motor vehicle accident were also above average.


Missouri had 880 gun deaths and 781 motor vehicle deaths in 2013 (the year the data from the study is from). Obviously, this is a combination of suicides, murders, and accidents with guns. But still, it's ridiculous. And depressing.

While it would seem like basic safety legislation could improve matters, don't count on legislators, let alone voters, to do the intelligent thing. A dead man won reelection today in Hillsboro, Missouri. He received 7 more votes than any write-in candidates. Given that he died on March 9th, this wasn't exactly something that local voters didn't have time to learn had happened.

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