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More proof that they really don't care about children

before or after birth. Or people in general.

A “pro-life” broadcaster dismissed concerns about the Flint water crisis and the Zika virus as liberal conspiracy theories that weren’t worthy of her concern.

Sandy Rios, the American Family Association’s director of governmental affairs and the host of a daily syndicated radio program, said neither health crisis posed as much threat as Islamic State militants or Latino immigrants, reported Right Wing Watch.


“The whole issue in Michigan — the left loves to, they’re now creating this, I’m sorry, I’m going to really go out on a limb here, this Zika virus which I haven’t talked about,” Rios said. “They love to come up with tragedies and they love to blame and they love to scare people. I think this issue in Michigan is a serious one, but I don’t think it’s the big issue that these other issues are.”


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