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“you might have the view that you’ll push yourself relentlessly during the day, squeezing every minute for what it’s worth, and then completely flake out after dark.”

Who has done this before? Hands up! I know I have! ✋

Apparently we should be taking more breaks. More restful ones. And more frequent ones.


I’m going to try to do this from tomorrow on at work. I already do it a bit at home. Because of my health issues of late everything I want to accomplish at home is on a “after this nap and I’ll have to see how I feel after that and I’ll just get started on it calmly and see how it goes..” kind of way. There’s no end to the frustration I feel about that.
Especially since it’s combined with a constant need to fill my time with what I consider to be ‘useful’ things. This may be practicing a skill (guitar, drawing, painting, cooking something new, a new tutorial for work, gathering the vacation photos so I can order them to be printed), something practical (cleaning, so much cleaning, doing a factory reset, etc.), self-care motivated (yoga, just some neck exercises, offline reading, a movie or show), or social (friends, family, boyfriend, not in that order at all). Every single one of these things takes a huge toll on me these days and I have to force myself to follow them up by resting. It’s boring as all hell and not what I’m used to. I’m used to going until I crash. Hard. I used to bounce back pretty quick but these days I don’t bounce so much as slowly inflate back to a barely acceptable level. Booh for tired.

Yay for breaks!

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