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So earlier, I posted about the ridiculous guilt trip my ABiL was trying to put Mr. Ivriniel on for not calling our two year old niece on her birthday, yesterday. Well, apparently that is the only beginning of this foolishness.

So given that my Annoying Inlaws have been through a lot of crap lately (ABiL got fired recently, ASiL still hasn't completed her miscarriage that started 3 weeks ago.) my other SiL and my MiL offered to host a birthday party for the Annoying Inlaw's two year old.
They asked my ASiL for a date, and she wanted tonight (Mr. I and I live an hour away, so to get home from work and then schlep to their city for dinner is not really ideal.) or tomorrow (my other SiL works tomorrow) which is not really feasible.

My OSiL suggested that we do it next weekend, but ASiL said no. Her reason?

"Next weekend is too close to Easter, and it would undermine Niece's birthday."


1) Easter is a whole freaking week away from next weekend!

2) She's a toddler! She won't know the difference!

This really pisses me off, because a couple of years back, ABiL had a hissy fit because he thought were celebrating Christmas too close to his birthday (which we only had to do because he was completely unavailable at any time during the actual Christmas holidays.) .
At that time when we pointed out that one of the other nieces often shares her birthday with Easter, and that 3 of us share our birthday with Thanksgiving, he insisted it was not the same thing, because Easter and Thanksgiving are not gift-giving holidays. ASiL completely backed him up then.

Apparently though, their toddler's birthday is too precious to be sullied by the Resurrection of our Lord, even if it is a full week away. What are they afraid of? Her being upstaged by Palm Sunday?

My OSiL predicts that this will end up being like the baby shower my OSiL and MiL tried to throw for them, where none of the dates they tried to pick were acceptable to ASiL, so it ended up not happening.


No good deed goes unpunished.

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