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More Schadenfreude about Mr. I's former employer

Last year Mr. I was shown the door from his old job in a rather bizarre way. Accusations were supposed to have been made against him by coworkers who later got into contact with him and asked him why he left.

Anyways, since then, he has started his own company, and his old employer has ended up having to bring him in as an independent consultant on various clients, because they didn't realize that he was actually the only employee who could do what he does.

Last week, he got a call from them, wanting him to come in and do some work for a major client. The owner of this client is a major investor in Mr. I's old company, and as such, keeping him happy is always big priority.


Anyways, because this client is so important, they get a special billing rate of $50 with the former employer. Mr. Ivriniel charges his former employer nearly twice that now. So basically, for every hour they need Mr. I to do something, they lose money.

When Mr. I went in last week, he was given a list of five issues people from his former employer had been working on for a week and a half. He finished four of them in a day. When he went back the next day, he was given another 5. He's waiting for them to test everything to see if he needs to go back another day.

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