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More Tear Gas and Riot Gear - ETA at least 6 fucking bullets hit Mike Brown

Don't know when it started, but I'm watching it on Channel 11 now.

Cops are shooting tear gas to push protesters down W. Florissant Road.

Live News report saying they heard no verbal warning from cops.

Why the fuck are the police down there? Highway Patrol is supposed to be managing crowd safety.


ETA - NYTimes saying Michael Brown shot at least 6 times. Twice in the head, four in his right arm. Seriously, what the protesters want now is for that cop to be arrested and charged. What the fuck else do we need? Jesus to float down on a cloud holding hands with Ronald Reagan????? The Gipper telling them to go on ahead, eat a few jellybeans, and charge the cop????

ETA (part 2) - well, it's approaching curfew time. In the past hour, at least three businesses have been looted, two were set on fire, two major accidents occurred, journalists have been threatened by police, and Antonio French decided to call it quits for the night in Ferguson. Given that he and Shahid are the two community leaders who are best at talking people down when the cops piss them off, this does not bode well.

If people's lives weren't at stake, I say we should take bets on how much more the police department would fuck up tonight.

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