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More terrible news: a stalker on Storify / Storify CEO makes it worse

via Scalzi (a sci-fi writer) and his blog, Whatever

You should read the whole thing on Whatever, but here's a brief recap.

Storify is a service that allows people to curate social media, aka things people say on the internet. Basically, take a bunch of posts on Twitter, and you have a story, a la Buzzfeed, as far as I can tell.


There's a guy on Storify who has been stalking women (and also men who happen to be feminists, according to one of Scalzi's Twitter followers, who is a victim), compiling every single tweet they post and publishing them. Every time this happens, the women receive another Storify notification that their tweets have been published. It's the Twitter version of a guy you don't know making a collage of all the stuff you say or do and letting you know every time he adds a new piece of material to his collage.

People have complained to Storify CEO, Storify CEO says they should turn off Storify notifications. What? I don't know what this means, but Scalzi says it's like telling people who are harassed via phone to stop picking up the phone. I guess for us, it would be like not checking your notifications because of trolls.

It gets worse.

People who were complaining did not use the @ symbol, so the guy wouldn't be notified on Twitter. Storify CEO used the @ symbol in front of the guy's name to respond to the complainers on Twitter, saying that there's nothing Storify could do, and so consequently, the guy was alerted that people are complaining (because the @ grabbed his attention), and who those people are. Now, he and his followers have really stepped up the harassment, by publishing even more of these tweet compendiums.


He's been suspended from Twitter, but Storify has taken no action, although their TOS would allow them to.

I get that you have a right to compile whatever you want that is public on the internet (what the Storify CEO is saying), but this is malicious (which is against the TOS, and what people are complaining about). It's like people have a right to walk wherever they want in public spaces, but literally stalking your footsteps is not okay.


/ I was initially more angry at the CEO than anyone else, for notifying this dude, because it was blindingly obvious that the people complaining were trying not to notify him. However, thanks to PetticoatDespot's explanation of the notification system (which I have updated in my post), I understand that this is quite as terrible as I thought it might be.

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