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More Tinder Stupidity

Honestly, I'm thinking of deleting my account. I like this app in theory, but in reality it's quite irritating. Here's what's currently bothering me: in the last few days, I've sent messages to guys who swiped right on me, and NONE have answered. Hm. I've gotten no response from a guy who I was actually chatting with, too. So either suddenly no one wants to talk to me (it's possible!) or the damn messaging thing is broken. I think it might be the former. :/

It's not just one or two guys who I've sent messages to. I was trying really hard to see if people could message me back, so I sent 7 messages to guys I'd matched with. No response. And before you ask, I did check, and they've been "active" ie, using their account, since I sent the messages.


So in summary, I'll be alone forever because even though guys right swipe, they don't want to actually talk to me. Ok then.

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