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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So that happened. After saying he would delay his announcement of his VP choice out of respect for the events in Nice, Trump went ahead as planned yesterday and selected a man who is anti-science and anti-woman, and nearly sunk his state’s economy when he tried to invent the right to treat gay people like shit... All in a futile effort to shore up Koch money—which they’ve said all along won’t even work. Ha!


Can we start talking about the Democratic Veep choice yet? It’s the exact opposite situation! There are so many good options. I’m not sure there is a bad choice to be made. I’d love to see Warren, but I don’t mind too much if it’s not her. Tim Kaine is a bit dull to me, but I can certainly understand why he’s been on every Veep shortlist for a decade. I really like Cory Booker, but I’m not sure he’s got a steady enough temperament to go national in that way—not yet. Who am I missing?

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