Good mornin’, GT—happy Thursday! What’s up in your world today?

I woke up eeeeearly. There was a thunderstorm over our house and the thunder and rain sounds woke me.

I’m glad I got out of bed because, looking out the window, I could see the dark greys of the storm in our neighborhood and the beautiful pinks and oranges of the sunrise on the horizon. I love a good sunrise. :) Made me think of this song:

And, if you can stand it, the twee as fuck version:

Today, I’m baking! I’m making some banana bread and a rosemary/apricot/pistachio tart. For dinner, I’m making my bomb ass enchiladas. Yum! A friend and I are going to an evening yoga class so I will be HONGRY and eat 1.27 million enchiladas when I get home. :D

I was going to scrape more paint but we’ll see if the weather cooperates... if not, I’ll be ok. ;)

How about you guys?