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Mornin, y'all

Last night, Homey and I were going for a walk (it was sunny and warm—winter is over!! maybe?) and, of course, talking about GSK.

All was well till he started to try to tell me about the case. Me, a murderino! Me, the only person in this relationship who has read IBGitD, listened to the IBGitD podcast, read True Crime Diary and the Reddit threads, me who read her first true crime book at age 12 and NEVER STOPPED.


Le sigh. I had to stop the walk, stop the convo, and explain to him ALLLLLLL that he didn’t know about the DNA in this case. Thankfully, he has the good sense to STFU when he needs to. :)

Anyway, how are y’all? Are you getting the sunny and warm weather, too?

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