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Morning Cuppa

Good morning GT!

Just finished my jump start beverage ( international coffee Viennese coffee) and now I'm contemplating my all day cup.


I'm kinda passionate about good tea- Chinese, japanese, even herbal tisanes. (I'm less into Indian Assams and Darjeeling's, but I do love the occasional chai tea!)


Tea is like wine- it ranges from cheap to incredibly expensive. I've found mis range teas to be one luxury that even as a 'poor' I can treat myself well with- many nice whole leaf teas can be brewed over and over again, keeping me well hydrated for a lot less than soda or bottled water.

Amy other tea fiends here?

I'll report back on my selection once I've got the kidlet off to school.

What's in your cup? Does it have a story? How's it taste?

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