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Morning Exercise

Image borrowed from https://www.anythingdogs.com/product13669.html. Included because ... awesome.
This is literally how she initiates “play” with the cicadas.

Dogs are super different, y’all.

FluterDog was my soulmate and I try not to compare FluterPup to her because that’s not a recipe for anyone’s happiness. But ... whoa. Despite shared breed traits, they were/are completely different creatures with completely different attitudes about life.

FluterDog grew up in a yard with a three foot fence on two sides. The only time she escaped was when a neighborhood kid left the gate open. She didn’t have anywhere else to be.

FluterPup just showed me why Airedale rescues are so reluctant to adopt to yards without six foot fences and then took me on a thirty minute jog through the wooded area in our neighborhood. Such a considerate doggy! Education and cardio.

In other news, six feet now seems woefully inadequate. I’m thinking a ten foot fence with curved in tops, like they do for prison yards. Or maybe just empty houses with no windows or doors. She definitely just scaled the six-foot fence in less than three seconds, without even pausing for her brain to communicate with her feet. I think she saw a cicada? She’s obsessed with cicadas.


I still haven’t forgotten my #squadgoals. We took a little pause to try and make FluterPup less neurotic. (Spoiler: this is the new normal?) New setback: We have a six foot fence and a strong track record of successful terrier ownership, but have been rejected by two rescues. One won’t adopt an Airedale to a house with another Airedale. The other didn’t really have a reason, they just denied the application.

Keep truckin’? Eventually, there will be a sled team.

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