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Morning irritations

I am generally pretty healthy. But, once a month (thanks, PMS), I usually get a migraine. I have pills that I can take, and then I crawl into bed with an icepack and put a documentary on quietly, and wait for the pain to go away. I’m usually in bed on meds for one day, and moving slowly and feeling migraine-hungover for the second day.

Since I work from home with a flexible schedule, this no longer interferes with my work (yay!). And the kiddos are old enough that they can entertain themselves quietly (thanks, Steam and Netflix!).


But... this can still seriously screw up our lives. I am the one in charge of getting the kiddos to their activities, getting them home from school, and taking care of the house.

So... I should have gotten a migraine either yesterday, today, or tomorrow. TODAY IS THE ONLY DAY THAT WORKS!! Yesterday I had too much to do, so I was super thankful that it didn’t come. Today there is nothing on the schedule! I have a friend who can pick up the kiddos, and I worked ahead so that there is nothing I HAVE to do today.


And I woke up without a headache. Crap. I usually do NOT want a migraine - they are miserable to deal with. But... if I have to have one, why the hell can’t it come on the one day that it won’t disrupt anyone else’s life?

Or.... possibly... I just won’t get one this month. That sometimes happens with no reliable pattern. Or perhaps my cycle is off majorly this month - at about 40 years old, that’s a thing that now happens a couple of times a year. But I have no way of knowing if that’s what’s going on! I can’t plan for “I might or might not get a migraine one day in the next 10 days”. Honestly, if I could trigger it somehow, just to get it overwith, I would 100% do it today. But my trigger is hormones! I can’t control those!


I used to know exactly which day it would come on. Not so much, now. Gah.

Trying to schedule the unschedulelable is an exercise in futility.

What is driving you nuts this morning?

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