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Morning open thread and some whines...

Ladies and gents of GT — I feel like crap. Yesterday at work, my ears felt funny, and then later I noticed a funny feeling in my throat. At dinner after work with my friend I felt it setting in - a bad cold or maybe the flu. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! It was so bad that I didn’t even do my 300 KBS when I got home ladt night. I pretty much went straight to bed after checking in on my great-aunt. And I was knocked the fuck out, y’all. ::sigh:: I’ve got some theraflu I’m drinking now at work, and I have NyQuil waiting for me when I get home. Thankfully tomorrow is the last day of work for the week (they give us long holiday weekends here!).

Honestly though, other than that, I’m in a great mood, I just physically feel like shit. That’s how I’ve always been though - good mood, even when sick. My mom told me once when I was about two years old, she noticed I hadn’t eaten all day, but I was still running around being my smiley self... She took my temp and it was 102F... WTF? Apparently my overall happiness is legendary!

In any case, what are you lovely folks up to today? And now that I have brought up baby Jiffy, I think I’ll do a baby picture thread! Naturally it will go kabloom, so look for that in a few minutes! ^_^

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