Good morning GT! How is your day? What are you up to? Talk about whatever in this open thread.

I’ve got through quite a bit of the due diligence for the company I’m working on, but I’ve hit a bit of a wall and think I need further guidance. I’m going to try and check over the other due diligence in the pile I have and then set up a meeting with the person who knows what she’s doing to try and progress things. Once I’ve written this post I’ll get on that.

I have a couple of meetings to greet later today, I’m not looking forward to one of them because it’s bigger which means I struggle to remember who wants what coffee. It’s hard. I’m the only PA in this week which is making my life harder. I don’t know why they allowed both the other PAs to take time off at the same time, it just seems stupid. I’m basically chained to my desk at this point.

I had great kitty cuddles yesterday, she came and sat on the bench outside with me and we had strokes and she slept a bit. We were out there about an hour, and when she deigns to sit next to me I just glow with joy that I’ve been chosen so I was in a pretty good mood. Maybe I can get it to happen again one night :)