Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I’ve been at work for 15 minutes and I’m already really stressed out. Yesterday my boss was upset because we had an event over the weekend and should have had brochures ready for our upcoming events to hand out. I had the brochure ready weeks ago but then another department made a big change to a fundraiser we’re having, and didn’t finalize the information until Friday. But of course it’s still my fault that our brochures, which need to go out to a printer and usually take at least a week or two to get back, weren’t ready for Saturday.

And then today the person who does our website hadn’t corrected a mistake that I asked him to correct like a month ago, and then asked again like 2 weeks ago, and my boss sent a really annoyed email about the changes not having been made and once again it will be my fault that other people didn’t do what they were supposed to do. I do what I’m supposed to do, and if something is going to be late I tell people, and I like my job but sometimes I get really fucking sick of being an assistant with no authority over anybody, but when other people don’t do their shit on time it’s on my shoulders. Plus it makes me feel like crap when I’m not completely on top of things (which is unreasonable, I know).


I hope you guys are having better mornings/days. Please talk about them.

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