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Yesterday, I lamented because the Pixies were playing and I wasn’t going. Money is tight, so I haven’t been buying tickets. I was sewing an outfit for a large goth thing next month and took a break. As I’m looking at FB, a friend announces he has an extra ticket and who wants to join him. I am rarely the first person to say me, but I was right there last night.

Mr. Moxie was annoyed with my spontaneous leaving, but he just played video games while I was gone. If I think he’s going to ignore me to yell at people on line, I find other things to do. Other things are frequently out of the house.

So, I paid for parking, but got the ticket and a drink for free. The friend is a concert junkie and said that, if I hadn’t wanted to come, he would have handed it to someone needing a ticket.


It was an awesome show. I am only a moderate Pixies fan, but they played all the songs I would have asked for. There were no technical difficulties and they went from song to song with very little banter. They played almost two hours and I was home before midnight.

So, Morning OT. What’s up with all of you?

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