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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Morning OT

Morning/Afternoon! What’s up with you? Are you glued to the TV and checking Twitter? What other stuff is going on in your life?

Working from home today, thankfully. It’s lunchtime, and I’m procrastinating like fuck. See, thing is I need to be packed by the end of the day for my next work trip, and I’m in a wedding party tomorrow and Saturday, and I’m meant to have finished 2 book chapters by last week. Oh, and the water tank in our attic had a bit of an issue with a pipe which was connected to the ballcock controlling water coming in from the mains, torquing it out of place so it couldn’t shut the water flow off. The good news is, the overflow works. The other good news is, we got a plumber out within a day to fix things. The bad news is, the other pipe was at basically the same level as the overflow pipe, so there was a significant leak. Not as significant as the entire water tank falling through the ceiling and crushing our bathroom (which could have happened), but there was a potentially very dangerous mix of water and wires that I’m very glad caused nothing to happen.


So, nerve-wracking day yesterday and the previous night. And that was topped off by having to have the taps running at full all night and most of the day yesterday to try to keep water from leaking out of the tank. The California kid who grew up in a drought with “don’t be a water hog” conditioning was screaming at me the whole time, and I’m wracked with illogical guilt for wasting that much water. I’m unable to even anymore, so of course I’m on the internet instead of doing the writing I need to be doing or finishing the required packing or figuring out what electronics I can even bring with me and cleaning unnecessary data off of them. Or painting my nails for the wedding.

At least I finished my slides for the talk I’m travelling for 2 weeks ago. And at least the leak happened when I could work from home instead of while we were away at a two day wedding event. We could have come back to half a house.

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