Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good morning folks! How was the holiday weekend (if you’re in the US)? Mine was great. I worked from home on Wednesday, and chilled the rest of the time. Also, great news : MY SIS AND HER BF GOT JOBS! I haven’t shared it here really, but the past several months have been a challenge for them since neither of them were working, and them being new parents, and all that stuff. I’ve been helping them out a lot so I am grateful they have work now mostly because: a) they were really becoming depressed behind it all, and; b) I have been hemorrhaging money. I’m glad that they have some peace of mind now, and can get caught up and get their legs under them again. So yeah, I’m stoked and relieved. ^_^

Also, my niece is so damn cute though. Always.

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves! 


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