Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Morning OT

Morning yall! It’s so quiet here at work - I think most people have headed out for the weekend already. How are you guys spending your Thursday? Is it anyone’s Friday today before doing fun long weekend stuff? Anyone having fun office drama? Our boss freaked out two days and made us have a huge meeting about keeping our office kitchen clean. Both days since then he has left a enormous amount of messy dishes in the sink (we have a dishwasher, fyi) that are very obviously him. This morning there were three glasses and a coffee cup with his name on it lol.

Most importantly, sending special thoughts to our Floridian GTers this morning.... as Dorian starts to roll in and intensify on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, my thoughts and heart are with you guys. I know Floridians are strong and prepared, but if you need anything or need a place to evac, just holler!


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