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Morning OT and medical update (it’s good)

Here’s a morning OT and an update to the medical stuff I discussed in a Monday OT [TW:hospital stuff]

So, my adventure started Thursday when I noticed redness around an insect bite. I had a zillion (thanks mosquitos and outdoor work), so I didn’t think much of it and just took a Benadryl.

By Friday, the redness was larger and the center was sort of starting to turn purple with pustules. I also had a fever and chills. I was concerned it might be a brown recluse bite or a bad infection, so I went to the ER in the small city where I was working. They diagnosed me with an abscess and cellulitis, gave me two antibiotics, and did an incision and drainage on the abscess. Told me to come back Saturday. I asked if they thought there was any chance it could be Lyme. No, no chance.


Went back Saturday, they said the abscess looked ok, come back Tuesday. But on Sunday, the area of redness was much bigger and I still had a fever. I was back home, so I called the hospital I had gone to and they said to give it until Monday morning for the antibiotics to kick in.

Well, Monday morning had a fever of 101 and the red area was much bigger, warm and more inflamed. Went to Urgent Care and they told me to go to the ER. At the ER, I asked again about Lyme, was again told that wasn’t likely, and then the doctors (there were a number) started bandying about everything from MRSA to Anthrax.

Got a few sessions of IV antibiotics through the night. In the morning, infectious disease doctor comes to see me. Takes a look at my rash, asks about my symptoms, and tells me it’s probably mothereffing Lyme. Puts me on the right antibiotics for that. Apparently I have an unusual putule covered rash that’s seen in about 2% of cases.

Well, I never thought I’d be glad to get diagnosed with Lyme. 12 hours on the right antibiotics and I’m already feeling better, no fever if still fatigued and the rash is starting to improve. And guess what? This morning, it kind of looks like a fucking bullseye.

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