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Morning OT-It's been a weird morning, and is just going to get weirder

1)I went to bed last night at 845 and slept straight through the night until my alarm at 730. Didn’t realize I was so exhausted...

2) Alarm at 730, call from my dad at 740 telling me he was now an orphan; my grandmother died. It’s been expected for a while, years really. But, it’s still weird. I haven’t cried over that yet....but did cry about the Kentucky packmule library, and did start laughing pretty hard about my (possible) date tonight. I feel guilty I haven’t cried....and it’s all so weird.

3) I leave work in a couple hours to go sit with my mom while her dog is at the vet. He had elbow surgery, but kept ripping off the bandages and ruining the stitches. There is no way they can stitch it back up, so she is coming to my town to meet with a specialist. For reference, she brought my brother to my town for back surgery about a month ago. I asked if she wanted me to wait for her and she told me “It’s only an hour, I’ll be fine”. But, she specifically called me a couple days ago and asked me to wait with her.


4) I have a date planned for tonight. We’ll see what happens after I tell him that “oh, I might burst into tears at any moment”. But, I feel like he is uniquely situated to handle that kind of weird situation. He’s a current hospice volunteer coordinator and a former Hospital Chaplin. That’s right...agnostic, non-religious me is going on a date with a Reverend. But hey, if anyone is ready to deal with a person he just met bursting into grief tears, it would be him....

I hope he doesn’t cancel on me, based on our messages he is smart and funny with a lot of the same interests as me. And based on his pictures a totally hottie. Would be a little ironic if on the day of my “Oh, it’s okay if you never meet someone; lots of perfectly nice people never get married.” and “I want great-grandchildren” grandmother’s death, I did meet that someone.

So, how’s your day going?

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