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Morning OT: thought

I have some controversial thoughts on some missing children I’d like to share and hopefully not get jumped on. 25 years ago a British toddler Ben Needham went missing on a family holiday on the Greek Island of Kos, today the British police are helping the Greek police with a dig in an area near the house he disappered from. This is second dig that has been carried out, 5 blonde Greek/Cypriot men have been DNA tested to see if they are Ben, none were. The prevailing theory is that Ben wandered off following his uncle who was on a moped and that he ended up in a construction sight.

My controversial thought is that if this dig comes up empty it has to be time to stop official police investigations into this. £1.5m was given in 2015/16 to send 10 officers to Kos to do house to house investigations.

The Home Office spent upwards of £12m on the investigation into the disappearance of Maddie McCann. It’s adding up to a lot of money for two disappeared blonde blue eyed children where there is little evidence to go on. There are over 200 kids currently listed as missing in the UK and I doubt most of them have any funds being spent on finding them.


Britain likes to think of itself as slightly less racist than the US but we suffer from Missing White Woman Syndrome as much as any country. One famous example is the cases of Hannah Williams and Danielle Jones. Although both girls were 15 and blonde and went missing within 3 months of each other, Jones was a middle class school girl who had never been in trouble, Williams a working class with a mother decribed by the police as “not press conference material”. Of the 62 articles about Williams’ disappearance and murder in the UK press almost all were after her body was found and was thought to be that of Jones.

I guess everytime I see news on this I obviously wish he and Maddie could be found for the peace of their families who have suffered so greatly but then I think from a purely financial angle, is this worth it? when there is less and less money for policing and thousands of vulnerable kids who need help now?

Anyway, that got rambley. OT rules as normal.

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