I'm so mad at myself right now.

I slept through my alarm this morning because it uh...... never fucking went off?
The alarm was there, showing it went off, but no sound or vibration came out of my phone. I'm so stupid for relying on my phone's alarm to wake me up, it's time to get an actual alarm clock.

I woke up about 45 minutes after i should have been at work, one missed text from my coworker "where are you?" I freaked. the. frick. out. I called my boss immediately to tell her what happened, begged her to let me come in today but she said she already changed the schedule and doesn't need me.

I feel like a worthless, useless piece of shit right now. Suhhhman has no idea why i am so upset because now i get the day off work. I don't want the goddamn day off work, we live paycheck to paycheck so i NEED to work. Yeah we will be able to scrape by with one missed day but it could have been prevented. I could have gotten fired over this, very easily if my boss wanted to be mean today.

I don't think comments are working right now but when they do, please send me all the cutest doggie gifs ever.