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I’ve always been everyone else’s mosquito repellant, that is, when I’m around they go for me and leave everyone else alone. We didn’t have a good enough freeze this last winter and the bastards are back and more bastardly. I went hiking yesterday and ended up with over a dozen bites, some of which became actual raised welts. The itching isn’t so much intense as constant.

As a long time mosquito-bite-haver I’ve tried just about every remedy to help the itching. Antihistamines don’t seem to help (I can’t take Benadryl, anyway). If you listen closely you can hear the bites themselves laugh at Calamine. Solarcaine was a bust. Oatmeal baths are nice for my skin, but that was about it. Baking soda pastes required assistance and weren’t much help. Vinegar didn’t do anything and the tea tree oil I just put on (with some vitamin E oil) hasn’t done anything, either. Scratching near the bite does help a little.


Halp. The bites take forever to go away and though I can probably get away with a tank top and no bra today, work might frown a little on that tomorrow.

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