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Most Annoying Christmas Song

This song just annoys me. In high school (Catholic) we had on first Saturday in December a Christmas Fair. It was run by parent groups. The fair had a book table, junk table, craft tables, it was large fair. Also the cafeteria was set up for lunch and baked foods. Well a young Brother who did music fr the school would walk around the fair with his guitar attached to his book. Every time he would walk to a table and was asked “what would you like” he sang this song. I swear some mothers did it on purpose.

All I Want Is My Two Front Teeth

The second song. Well anyone who has seen this commercial. Well in simple terms its a Christmas Commercial From Hell. Its All I Want For Christmas Is A Hippopatomous. Until this commercial it was not on my list since its so obscure.Until now.

The most annoying song. Is sadly by a Beatle. A genuinely beloved Beatle. Paul McCartney. The song Wonderful Christmas Time. It has most idiotic annoying pretentious line ever “the children practice all year long”. Sorry. Try maybe ten minutes the entire year. Plus why do adults sing this children’s line its just “ding dong” repeated twice.. God I hate this song.



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