The great news: I was recently told by my boss that he wants to offer me a promotion. This is huge. More money, better title - it'll also literally be the first time I've ever earned an actual, formal "promotion." Pretty much every time I've gotten more money and a better title, I had to switch jobs to get it. And in an unexpected win for feminism and independent laydeez, he partially told me it's because he knows I'm buying my first house - "So, I'm sure it'll be great to get more money!" I figured that kind of thing only happened to dudes when they started having kids and "had families to support." So yeah, awesome.

The bad news: "I really think you do an amazing job, and you've earned a promotion have to get off that internet. I mean it. It's a big deal. Please don't make me go to HR."

Yeah. Turns out he knows about my obsessive Gawker Media habit. And isn't happy about it :(

So, I've gotta try, guys. I'll still be reading on my phone at lunch, and before and after work, but let's face it - shirking at work was my prime commenting time. I'm pretty impressed that two solid years of fucking around on Jez earned me a commendation at work but...I gotta dial it back now.


Not leaving forever, but wanted everyone to know I haven't been devoured by hangry MRAs if I'm around less often. And I'll be at the Sunday GT meetup! Be there, or be covered in bees by Oprah.