Brenna Hillier, I am going to follow you on Twitter. Wait, never mind, that's a random teenager in Canada with your name. I would not have expected a multiplicity of Brenna Hilliers, to be honest.

But this article! Well. For this article, Brenna Hillier, I will find a social network that you have some sort of writing-career-related account on, and that I am also on, and then I will follow you to the ends of that social network. Which luckily social networks make pretty easy. Yay!

Look, this is a sort of article that has been written many times. It has been needed many times. Many times has it been disregarded, all the objections ignored and dismissed, sneered at and cast aside. It is still needed now, and next week it will be written again. We hope that one day it will not be needed, or at least less so.

This time it was funny and had a little script thing at the end, though, which is pretty cool.

Look at this:

Female: *bursts into conference room* Wait! I propose a solution!
Developer and Publisher: *express confusion and dismay at discovering a female in their midst, but can't find their cans of mace fast enough*
Female: Why not make 12 male characters and 12 female characters, dividing the budget between them? $3 squillion each?
Publisher: Good lord, I did not know women could do maths!
Developer: I did, but then again, I have met several women. My mother was one, as is my sister.
Publisher: Goodness me, does your father know?


brb, dying.