With Rings coming soon it made me think of the most evil chikdren in movies or tv.

5. Anthony from Twilight Zone. Yet he is six there is a chance his talents will be used for good with his new companion. I would love to see a novel of Anthony as an aduit.

4. Samara I have mixed feelings. Like in the song Sunny Came Home, Samara is on a blind vengence. I do feel sorry for what happened to her in life. I am not sure if she could not be helped


3. Damien. Seriously bad news. Antichrist. Yet in the first two movies he really killed except his mother. Others killed for him.

2. Henry. Seriously evil. Total psychopath. He comes in second because he doesn’t really fool anyone. Sure at the start they say “oh he cannot be bad” then yup both his cousin and mother were on to him.


The winner. Rhoda

Seriously if you ever said “oh I wonder what a sociopath is like as a child?” Rhoda is it. Her entire work was to cover up her killings and fool everyone. Her mother caught on but that was it. There needs to be a sequel with her as an adult. In the movie she dies in the original play she lives.


Agree disagree? Any more to the list?