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Most Idiotic SF TV Best List Ever

Rolling Stone has a list of the 40 Best SF TV shows of all time.

Who would ever, ever, ever list this series as better then V, Max Headroom, Life on Mars (BBC version), Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. The series at 22 as better then those?


Well its outrageous and to compare it to Star Trek is worse. Just the premise discounts it from the list. Sure with science fiction shows you need to suspend belief but the premise is so downright idiotic well to paraphrase Tevye The Milkman “yes suspending belief I can accept but this show.breaks it. Its a step to far”.

The show Space 1999. It shows snippets including scene of moon hurling into deep outer space.

Also where is Xena Warrior Princess? Where is Lois And Clark? Ugh.

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