Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Most interesting spam I have ever received.

I woke up this morning and checked my email only to find this very long spam. Here are a few highlights.

The gods also used this clone host establishment to ridicule away this rearing technique because it was so successful at enabling children to ascend into heaven. Corporal punishment carries risks because of it.

Don't forget:::These clone hosts in the media and elsewhere are YOUR fault.

"You don't know what a mistake you made." by not praying and working towards achieving my "ceiling", the maximum amount of progress the gods will allow in this life, hopefully causing the gods to take me young.

Breaking my ankle at the Summitt was shamelessly gratuitous. The only purpose was to slow me down as I got older, ensuring I didn't continue hiking or being active.

Something godly about dork, innocent and pure, unlike the status quo. Kinda like the Simspsons episode when Rod and Todd go back to Germany and become normal, because everyone in the USA are the freaks. This was a valuable clue.

The Koreans have no business participating in this wickedness of popular culture. A white punishment, evident by black exclusion for so many decades, this respresents a step down into the abyss for the Koreans.

The Italians destroyed Planet Earth, and are targets of the gods due to their disfavor.
Biscotti is a fine example, as many Italian dentists will attest.

The Antients suck too hard to be god

I am more important than Jesus. Jesus is just some guy the gods used to fuck the poeple up.

Jesus is like Heath Ledger or perhaps SNL early '90s:::Used to promote homosexuality.


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